Rabu, 13 Juli 2011


I have to categorically state that this is the most opportune time for us youths to face the bull by the horns, as we place ourselves strategically in creating a network of an organized youth led enterprise which is greatly going to open up doors and opportunities in the emerging industry of rabbit production.

This time we are not to be left behind as we embrace this untapped potential. True to say that it is upon ourselves to be informed on the emerging issues and challenges facing the rabbit industry, work with the relevant stakeholders on matters to do with markets, information relay, fair pricing, rabbit keeping practices, financial assistance etc. I call this a bold step towards creation of job opportunities among ourselves.

I therefore echo my voice to those youths either rearing or are willing to engage in rearing of rabbits to be part of this project to enable us have a bigger voice in the current issues affecting this sector. Thank you and God bless the Kenyan youths.

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