Senin, 18 Juli 2011


When i read about the national project on rabbit keeping by the Government of Ghana, i at times try to question how they managed to make rabbit meat a customary livelihood. And to make things a bit inspiring, is the fact that this project was undertaken about 3 generations ago (1972).

Where do we stand in terms of rabbit consumption here in Kenya? I believe we should feel challanged by our west african brothers and sisters who did it. They ensured that rabbit meat was availed on a national scale. And that is the spirit to embrace with the onset of the KERAYI YOUTH PROJECT. I have to once again say that this has come at the most opportune time as the youths become the most vulnerable group. They need to create employment for themselves, provide healthy eating habits, and avoid drug abuse. Almost 30 years after Ghana's success story, we believe that it is now our turn as youths to make rabbit meat be part of Kenyan meal, so to speak.

We therefore need to up our game, support the Kerayi project accordingly and start rearing rabbits as currently there are no rabbit population in Kenya that can feed all Kenyans. For more information on Ghana's rabbit success Story, click on the following link: Ghana's Rabbit Project

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