Kamis, 14 Juli 2011


The time has ultimately come for us to coordinate our activities into a more efficient manner. To that effect, i wish to encourage our ardent followers to visit their respective sub-blog rooms for a more elaborate way of discussing issues affecting the rabbit industry in thier counties. Due to its popularity, the umbrella mother project administration has decided to categorize ourselves into our respective counties from which we belong. To put the record straight, this has in no way trying to create political cliques but trying to foster the way forward on the rabbit sector. Such county rooms shall aid us in identifying the bottlenecks we shall be facing in our counties even as we partake of this project. It will also assist in keeping track of the rabbit developments in the various counties.

Kindly get to join one of the county rooms to meet people of same interests and same geographical location.This is how it works, on the right corner of the mother site i.e KERAYI-CCH, you will get county links that will direct you to the specific county sub-blog where you belong. You can navigate other counties to determine their discussions and areas to learn from. I believe this is also a better start in creating the value chain for our rabbits as this shall allow foster the spirit of coperation and inclusiveness among the different counties.

We have a total of 47 counties in Kenya. Our aim is to include all the counties in to this blog, so that no youth is left behind. We shall be including these counties systematically and thus require your patience to capture all the counties. We have started with Siaya County, but this shall be increasing by day. We stand by the motto: YOUTHS FOR RABBITS, RABBITS FOR MEAT, FUR AND PETS.

Thanks a lot

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