Rabu, 27 Juli 2011


Hello Fellow rabbit farmers. I trust that this finds you well. Today i have managed to get some cool recipes for preparing rabbit dishes. The recipes are from a resourceful site in South Africa. For those of us who would wish to make a delicious meal out of rabbit meat, or even for demonstration purposes to your clients, then this information is most relevant to you.

The site is known as RABBITS FOR AFRICA. Click on the following link for more resourceful information on how to make rabbit dishes: Recipes using Rabbit meat

Selasa, 26 Juli 2011


It is yet another year to showcase Kenya's agricultural prowess at Kisumu Agricultural Show in Mambolea. I therefore feel obliged to write about this event organized by The Agricultural Society of Kenya. It will surely act as a focal point for all and sundry in the agricultural sector to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, showcase their agricultural products and many more.

We all know that the Horn of Africa is experiencing the worst drought ever in the History of Africa. There is a lot of Starvation in many parts of the country. I believe that it is time to come together as stakeholders and thus kudos to the Kisumu Agricultural Show for bringing this at the most opportune time.

Since we deal in the unique sector of agribusiness on Rabbit Sector, am happy to say that this is an avenue to create awareness on the rabbit industry and how to promote it as an emerging form of agribusiness. We shall therefore attend the show to network and create links with different stakeholders.

I therefore conclude that it is upon us as stakeholders to uplift this sector and sure we will by applying the burning desire to succeed. Our motto stands: Youths for Rabbits, Rabbits for meat, fur and pets.

Jumat, 22 Juli 2011


SIAYA COUNTY youths have managed to come together and are in the process of creating a markets for themselves on rabbit rearing. Since we acknowledge the involvement of different stakeholders in creating the rabbit value chain, a group known as Kerayi-Wagai Youths have managed to hold talks with officials from the KISUMU BUTCHERIES ASSOCIATION, with assistance from the umbrella KERAYI-CCH. The farmers have been assured of market for their rabbits, access to financial assistance and better breeds to rear. They have also been informed of the opportunities available through the upgrading of the KISUMUAIRPORT to international standards.

The KERAYI-CCH body have also managed to open up a resource, training and collection center for the rabbit famers. The registered company called KERAYI RABBIT PROCESSING LIMITED will offer training and technical support on matters concerning rabbit keeping. It will also act as a source of market for their rabbits.

The meeting was interesting, challengeing and quite motivating. Present were the Kerayi officials,rabbit farmers representative, the area chief, chairman and treaurer of Kisumu Butcheries association. The pictures can talk for themselves. Our aim is to replicate this in other counties. I therefore call upon other youths to emulate our Siaya county friends.
training and resource centre

Kerayi-Wagai Youths office

Wagai Youths office from outside

Meeting held between kerayi officials and Kisumu Butcheries association officials

The South African drug manufacturing firm wanted an order of 3,000 rabbits.

But Catherine Muthoni, a renowned businesswoman, could only produce 600 rabbits. I believe this is a statement which requires much attention. I have to say this was a big deal which could not be met because of lack of supply of rabbits. I do commend Madam Muthoni for a job well done by relaying this kind of information to the public arena, for them to realise the lucrative nature of rabbit keeping.

First i have to say that many people would wish to have Muthoni's contacts to sell thier rabbits to her. A good course it is, but it is quite difficult to have it at the same time. I therefore recommend to the youths who would wish to see Catherine, that it is possible for us to make her come to us for business purpose. This can be done through a very simple and innovative way.

Since there is no supply for madam Muthoni to send to South Africa, let us provide supply. This can only be achieved through holistic involvement of the youths in the national KENYA RABBIT YOUTH INITIATIVE-COUNTIES CHAPTER. Through this project, we are at a higher leverage in creating a well organized channel in geting to Madam Muthoni or to South Africa for that matter.

I therefore conclude by stating that we can make Madam Muthoni come to us as a bigger body rather than searching for her as an individual. And always remember this: YOUTHS FOR RABBITS, RABBITS FOR MEAT, FUR AND PETS!

If you wish to get more information about Madam Catherine Muthoni, follow this link:CATHERINE MUTHONI:LUCRATIVE RABBIT KEEPING

Senin, 18 Juli 2011


When i read about the national project on rabbit keeping by the Government of Ghana, i at times try to question how they managed to make rabbit meat a customary livelihood. And to make things a bit inspiring, is the fact that this project was undertaken about 3 generations ago (1972).

Where do we stand in terms of rabbit consumption here in Kenya? I believe we should feel challanged by our west african brothers and sisters who did it. They ensured that rabbit meat was availed on a national scale. And that is the spirit to embrace with the onset of the KERAYI YOUTH PROJECT. I have to once again say that this has come at the most opportune time as the youths become the most vulnerable group. They need to create employment for themselves, provide healthy eating habits, and avoid drug abuse. Almost 30 years after Ghana's success story, we believe that it is now our turn as youths to make rabbit meat be part of Kenyan meal, so to speak.

We therefore need to up our game, support the Kerayi project accordingly and start rearing rabbits as currently there are no rabbit population in Kenya that can feed all Kenyans. For more information on Ghana's rabbit success Story, click on the following link: Ghana's Rabbit Project

Kamis, 14 Juli 2011


The following are the total number of counties in Kenya as per the newly passed constitution. We shall be including the counties step by step until all the youths from the counties are represented fully in the rabbit undustry.

1. Siaya                           25.Marsabit
2.Tharaka-Nithi               26.Isiolo
3.Trans Nzoia                  27.Meru      
4.Bungoma                      28.Machakos
5.Mombasa                     29.Nandi
6.Embu                           30.Makueni
7.Uasin Gishu                  31.Baringo        
8.Busia                           32.Nyandarua
9.Kwale                         33.Laikipia
10.Kitui                          34.Nyeri
11.Elgeyo/Marakwet      35.Nakuru                         
12.Kisumu                      36.Kirinyaga
13.Kilifi                           37.Narok                       
14.Homa Bay                  38.Murang’a
15.Tana River                  39.Kajiado          
16.Migori                         40.Kiambu
17.Lamu                           41.Kericho       
18.Kisii                             42.Bomet
19.Taita/Taveta                 43.Turkana
20.Nyamira                       44. Kakamega
21.Garissa                         45.West Pokot            
22.Nairobi City                  46.Samburu
23.Wajir                            47.Vihiga


Kindly stay put and watch for your county edition on rabbit sector, in the meantime we encourage to be frequently checking the mother blog for news and updates. We are the pioneers of an emerging rabbit industry.


The time has ultimately come for us to coordinate our activities into a more efficient manner. To that effect, i wish to encourage our ardent followers to visit their respective sub-blog rooms for a more elaborate way of discussing issues affecting the rabbit industry in thier counties. Due to its popularity, the umbrella mother project administration has decided to categorize ourselves into our respective counties from which we belong. To put the record straight, this has in no way trying to create political cliques but trying to foster the way forward on the rabbit sector. Such county rooms shall aid us in identifying the bottlenecks we shall be facing in our counties even as we partake of this project. It will also assist in keeping track of the rabbit developments in the various counties.

Kindly get to join one of the county rooms to meet people of same interests and same geographical location.This is how it works, on the right corner of the mother site i.e KERAYI-CCH, you will get county links that will direct you to the specific county sub-blog where you belong. You can navigate other counties to determine their discussions and areas to learn from. I believe this is also a better start in creating the value chain for our rabbits as this shall allow foster the spirit of coperation and inclusiveness among the different counties.

We have a total of 47 counties in Kenya. Our aim is to include all the counties in to this blog, so that no youth is left behind. We shall be including these counties systematically and thus require your patience to capture all the counties. We have started with Siaya County, but this shall be increasing by day. We stand by the motto: YOUTHS FOR RABBITS, RABBITS FOR MEAT, FUR AND PETS.

Thanks a lot

Rabu, 13 Juli 2011


I bet you wish to know what is to be imagined. Imagine a situation where you go to one of these chips joints and order for chips n 1/4 of rabbit meat. Then sit down to devour on the prey, i mean a sumptuous lunch. Imagine you are heading to a rabbit butchery and manage to buy a kg of rabbit meat for super with your family. Am still imagining where you get a trendy local handbag made from the rabbit skin.

These are just but a few of the businesses we should be imagining and thinking as youths as we embark in the rabbit sector. I was so surprised when i read of the renowned business woman, Catherine Muthoni who informed us of the great potential this sector possesses. Who could imagine rabbits acting as raw materials for a super medicine as proclaimed by the businesswoman.

All am trying to say is that this sector has a myriad of opportunities for us to engage in as young entrepreneurs. They are many i tell you, since all we are striving is to create a value chain. A value chain involves the product from the producer to the consumer (logistics).

I conclude by encouraging us to embrace this sector with all the seriousness it deserves. WE ARE THE PIONEERS OF AN EMERGING INDUSTRY, SO BE IN THE LEAD AS A YOUTH.


I have to categorically state that this is the most opportune time for us youths to face the bull by the horns, as we place ourselves strategically in creating a network of an organized youth led enterprise which is greatly going to open up doors and opportunities in the emerging industry of rabbit production.

This time we are not to be left behind as we embrace this untapped potential. True to say that it is upon ourselves to be informed on the emerging issues and challenges facing the rabbit industry, work with the relevant stakeholders on matters to do with markets, information relay, fair pricing, rabbit keeping practices, financial assistance etc. I call this a bold step towards creation of job opportunities among ourselves.

I therefore echo my voice to those youths either rearing or are willing to engage in rearing of rabbits to be part of this project to enable us have a bigger voice in the current issues affecting this sector. Thank you and God bless the Kenyan youths.

Selasa, 12 Juli 2011


The Kenya Rabbit Youth Initiative-Counties Chapter(KERAYI-CCH) is an awesome and realistic project with the main aim of providing and creating employment opportunities for the youth located in all the counties in Kenya by engaging in a large scale production of rabbit meat and its products. It aims at meeting the objectives of vision 2030 such as food security, job opportunities for the youth, and enhancing creativity and innovativeness with the sole purpose of embracing entrepreneurship among the youth.

A niche market in starting and operating rabbit production business in the country that will be operated by the Kenyan youth is our key object. Our research has shown that rabbit meat has not been greatly embraced in the country like other meat products, yet rabbit meat is among the healthiest protein, cholesterol free, fat free white meat that has greatly been ignored for consumption.However, i have to positively state that this is changing and more farmers are doing it for commercial gain particularly in central, eastern and Rift Valley regions.

The project is working with the relevant stakeholders in addressing the value chain in the rabbit industry and thus it is just a matter of time to see rabbit sector becoming one of the most successful industry in the country just like in other African countries like South Africa, Ghana, Egypt and developed countries like China and Italy. Rabbit Development Stakeholders forum, Ministry Of Livestock Development, Rabbit farmers and banking institutions are part of this project.

We currently have pilot projects running in Three major Counties i.e Baringo, Nakuru and Siaya Counties. We therefore welcome any youths in other counties willing to be part of the project that will enable us have a bigger voice in the industry when it comes to addressing challeges facing this industry.