Jumat, 22 Juli 2011


SIAYA COUNTY youths have managed to come together and are in the process of creating a markets for themselves on rabbit rearing. Since we acknowledge the involvement of different stakeholders in creating the rabbit value chain, a group known as Kerayi-Wagai Youths have managed to hold talks with officials from the KISUMU BUTCHERIES ASSOCIATION, with assistance from the umbrella KERAYI-CCH. The farmers have been assured of market for their rabbits, access to financial assistance and better breeds to rear. They have also been informed of the opportunities available through the upgrading of the KISUMUAIRPORT to international standards.

The KERAYI-CCH body have also managed to open up a resource, training and collection center for the rabbit famers. The registered company called KERAYI RABBIT PROCESSING LIMITED will offer training and technical support on matters concerning rabbit keeping. It will also act as a source of market for their rabbits.

The meeting was interesting, challengeing and quite motivating. Present were the Kerayi officials,rabbit farmers representative, the area chief, chairman and treaurer of Kisumu Butcheries association. The pictures can talk for themselves. Our aim is to replicate this in other counties. I therefore call upon other youths to emulate our Siaya county friends.
training and resource centre

Kerayi-Wagai Youths office

Wagai Youths office from outside

Meeting held between kerayi officials and Kisumu Butcheries association officials

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