Selasa, 26 Juli 2011


It is yet another year to showcase Kenya's agricultural prowess at Kisumu Agricultural Show in Mambolea. I therefore feel obliged to write about this event organized by The Agricultural Society of Kenya. It will surely act as a focal point for all and sundry in the agricultural sector to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, showcase their agricultural products and many more.

We all know that the Horn of Africa is experiencing the worst drought ever in the History of Africa. There is a lot of Starvation in many parts of the country. I believe that it is time to come together as stakeholders and thus kudos to the Kisumu Agricultural Show for bringing this at the most opportune time.

Since we deal in the unique sector of agribusiness on Rabbit Sector, am happy to say that this is an avenue to create awareness on the rabbit industry and how to promote it as an emerging form of agribusiness. We shall therefore attend the show to network and create links with different stakeholders.

I therefore conclude that it is upon us as stakeholders to uplift this sector and sure we will by applying the burning desire to succeed. Our motto stands: Youths for Rabbits, Rabbits for meat, fur and pets.

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