Selasa, 12 Juli 2011


The Kenya Rabbit Youth Initiative-Counties Chapter(KERAYI-CCH) is an awesome and realistic project with the main aim of providing and creating employment opportunities for the youth located in all the counties in Kenya by engaging in a large scale production of rabbit meat and its products. It aims at meeting the objectives of vision 2030 such as food security, job opportunities for the youth, and enhancing creativity and innovativeness with the sole purpose of embracing entrepreneurship among the youth.

A niche market in starting and operating rabbit production business in the country that will be operated by the Kenyan youth is our key object. Our research has shown that rabbit meat has not been greatly embraced in the country like other meat products, yet rabbit meat is among the healthiest protein, cholesterol free, fat free white meat that has greatly been ignored for consumption.However, i have to positively state that this is changing and more farmers are doing it for commercial gain particularly in central, eastern and Rift Valley regions.

The project is working with the relevant stakeholders in addressing the value chain in the rabbit industry and thus it is just a matter of time to see rabbit sector becoming one of the most successful industry in the country just like in other African countries like South Africa, Ghana, Egypt and developed countries like China and Italy. Rabbit Development Stakeholders forum, Ministry Of Livestock Development, Rabbit farmers and banking institutions are part of this project.

We currently have pilot projects running in Three major Counties i.e Baringo, Nakuru and Siaya Counties. We therefore welcome any youths in other counties willing to be part of the project that will enable us have a bigger voice in the industry when it comes to addressing challeges facing this industry.

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