Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

The South African drug manufacturing firm wanted an order of 3,000 rabbits.

But Catherine Muthoni, a renowned businesswoman, could only produce 600 rabbits. I believe this is a statement which requires much attention. I have to say this was a big deal which could not be met because of lack of supply of rabbits. I do commend Madam Muthoni for a job well done by relaying this kind of information to the public arena, for them to realise the lucrative nature of rabbit keeping.

First i have to say that many people would wish to have Muthoni's contacts to sell thier rabbits to her. A good course it is, but it is quite difficult to have it at the same time. I therefore recommend to the youths who would wish to see Catherine, that it is possible for us to make her come to us for business purpose. This can be done through a very simple and innovative way.

Since there is no supply for madam Muthoni to send to South Africa, let us provide supply. This can only be achieved through holistic involvement of the youths in the national KENYA RABBIT YOUTH INITIATIVE-COUNTIES CHAPTER. Through this project, we are at a higher leverage in creating a well organized channel in geting to Madam Muthoni or to South Africa for that matter.

I therefore conclude by stating that we can make Madam Muthoni come to us as a bigger body rather than searching for her as an individual. And always remember this: YOUTHS FOR RABBITS, RABBITS FOR MEAT, FUR AND PETS!

If you wish to get more information about Madam Catherine Muthoni, follow this link:CATHERINE MUTHONI:LUCRATIVE RABBIT KEEPING

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