Senin, 28 Mei 2012

We need more of rabbit meat in our dinning tables: Know the reasons why...

Kenyans need to embrace the high nutritional value rabbit meat has, taking in to consideration the current surge in lifestyle diseases in the urban and suburban towns of Kenya.

Lifestyle diseases generally kill more men than women, and at a younger age, while women pay the balance through high rates of maternal deaths.
Obesity, long established as a major health risk factor, is also not shared proportionally among Kenya with women carrying more weight than men. Among other things, poor eating habits is key to this alrming surge.

More rabbit meat need to be served in our dinning tables, considering the health risks associated with red meat that contributes to a larger percentage as the major contributor to terminal diseases such as cancer, diabetes etc.

rabbit is an all white white with low fat and low cholesterol levels. Did you know rabbit meat is number one followed by chicken in terms of protein content. We also have to consider the current system of chicken rearing which actually raises many questions on whether we are consuming Genetically Modified Chicken meat in most part of Kenya. The birds are not allowed to grow naturally.

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For information on lifestyle diseases as the leading cause of death in Kenya, click here.

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