Jumat, 25 Mei 2012


It is with much pleasure that I write this content. To our readers, we apologise for the long silence. However, fortunately much has been happening on the ground and we therefore still have the spirit of improving and promotig the rabbit sector in Kenya.

First and foremost i have to state that many activities have been taking place in Kenya's rabbit sector. This is the year that brought many rabbit farmers under the umbrell of KENYA COMMERCIAL RABBIT COUNCIL(KCRC) with the opening of the thier first processing plant at Nakuru town.

We have also grown as a company and are putting all the available resources to do large scale value addition. Our idea is currently incubated at CHANDARIA-BUSINESS INCUBATION AND INNOVATION CENTRE in KENYATTA UNIVERSITY.

We have managed to participate in various events including THE SECOND ROUND OF TANDAA DIGITAL CONTENT, as shortlisted candidates for the Kerayi project. We are also working closely with key stakeholders to ensure sustainability of the rabbit industry in Kenya.

To make orders, kindly follow our company link: Kerayi Rabbit Processing Limited

Keep following the blog for more information.

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