Senin, 28 Mei 2012

Kerayi Rabbit Processing is Finally incubated at the Chandaria-Business Incubation and Innovation Center(C-BIIC): Kenyatta University

Many Kenyans have heard about the name Chandaria. The name carries with it a special and strong brand of one Mr. Manu chandaria who runs and owns successful businesses in the country. Well if you would wish to know more about Chandaria, kindly click here.

Thanks to the Chandaria Foundation, Kenyatta University managed to start an incubation center that hosts students with business ideas that could be incubated until they break even. the main objective of the center is to impart students to embrace entrepreneurship rather than job seeking, as guided by the center's motto: FROM JOB SEEKERS TO JOB CREATORS.

We are barely two months in the center and greatly feeling the positive impact the center has in the Kerayi project, while riding on the good image created by the University and the Chandaria Foundation.

The university is currently constructing the main C-BIIC, which would even accommodate more students not only from university but also from the public domain. My advise is to encourage students with good ideas to walk at the KU business and Incubation Center for more information or go to the site: CHANDARIA-BUSINESS INCUBATION AND INNOVATION CENTER

You can also visit us on our website to place an order of our rabbit meat and by-products.

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