Senin, 11 Juni 2012

Rabbit Industry Groups

c. Other  

- Market meat
- Fancy
- Pet
- Limited home consumption
Angora Wool
- Home collection
- Hand spun or sold raw
- Finished craft products
-Under $500 in wholesale sales
-Unintentional breeding
- Shelter/Humane Society (surrendered or unintentional breeding)

-Licensed sales of breeding or show stock when >$500
-Culls to pet, meat, 4H and feeder markets
- Unlimited direct sales to pet owners

Hobby Meat
-Custom slaughter
- State inspected processing plants
- Home kill and direct sales
- Home consumption

-Wholesale activities licensed under the Animal Welfare Act
-Unlimited direct sales to pet owners

-USDA and State inspected plants
-Grocery and restaurant sales

-Medical research
-Educational research


b. Commercial Breeders 


a. Hobby


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