Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

Rabbit Breeders Association of Kenya:RABAK

Dr. Waigonjo carrying an angora rabbit
Rabbit Breeders Association of Kenya(RABAK) is regarded as the largest Association of rabbit farmers here in Kenya. It boasts of a membership of over 1000 rabbit farmers. They have made tremendous effort in streamlining and promoting rabbit farming as an enterprise in different parts of the country.

Based in thika, the association has been upfront in combating the many challenges that rabbit farmers face. These include source of market, breeds and breeding, Housing structures, Rabbit Diseases,Rabbit feeds among others. The association has trained many of their members who currently have skills in doing rabbit farming as an income generating activity.

Dr. Waganjo, the Chairman of the association has been instrumental in lobbying the governemnt and other stakeholders in supporting the rabbit industry in different capacities. The Association has succefully opened up a rabbit slaughter slab in Thika which acts as the main slaughtering facility for the farmers who wish to slaughter their rabbits to serve thier customers.

Mr. Onyango with an angora rabbit
"Rabbit meat is a healthy product and it is just a matter of time before it becomes a household meal in many of our dinning tables,"says the chairman.

Having visited him at his homestead (17th June 2012), I realised the passion and effort the chairman has and is diligently working to see the rabbit sector become a sustainable industry in Kenya. Kerayi Rabbit Processing Limited is proud to be associated with RABAK and are ready to work together to realise both of our objectives.

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