Sabtu, 20 Agustus 2011


We had established a poll in our blog, asking kenyans whether they had eaten rabbit meat. As you can all see, the result shows that 55% of respondents have eaten rabbit meat, while 44% have never eaten rabbit meat. The poll is a key indicator that many people have embraced rabit meat as an alternative protein n our diets.

I am elated at the 55% mark, and we should analyse what this really means for the rabbit farmers. First, we aknowledge that there is potential market for our rabbits because many people are eating rabbits. All we have to do is to make it available on a regular basis, and at affordable prices to our customers.

Secondly, it shows that we are engaging in a viable venture which is very lucrative to say the least. I therefore encourage the skeptics that the polls have given us a forecast of the real status of the rabbit sector in a smaller scale. How can we then translate this to be a national venture. I do advocate for stakeholder cooperation from various realms of enterprises to make this a reality.

The 44% of those who have never eaten rabbit meat represents a niche market for many rabbit farmers. How can they be brought on board to ensure that they consume rabbit meat? I believe that elaborate sensitization and marketing will solve the puzzle. Out of the 44%,  am certain a majority would be willing to taste rabbit meat.

Let us continue promoting the rabbit sector, since the burning desire back with faith and determination shall make us create and uphold a sustainable rabbit value chain for many years to come.

I thank the respondents who participated in the poll,from this we have managed to acquire a green light on what measures to undertake to promote rabbit consumption in the country.

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