Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011


The Kisumu Agricultural Show was a major pivotal event that brought together many stakeholders in a central and convergence point in a big way. I have to say it was a learning experience for me and many other people who went at mamboleo. I managed to walk to two stand that were of most interest to the project we are currently running.

First, the Kibos prisons presented an elaborate and innovative way of an integrated system of rearing a number of animals form chicken, fish and rabbits at a go, each enjoying some mutual benefits in which chicken and rabbit droppings acting as fish food.

Networks and links were created and  i just have to mention the great work done by the Ministry of Livestock Development in providing a platform for the Seme Rabbit Production Group to showcase their rabbits to a bigger audience. We could see much interests in rabbit rearing from the audience.

I do ask those interested to get in touch with us even as we put things in their right place to promote rabbit consumption in the country.

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