Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011


Hello passionate rabbit farmers, i trust that this finds you well. Today i wish to share with you about a visit i made at the chester rabbit farm. It is located in kikuyu, at a small centre known as magu. Having made an appointment with the owner of the far, Mr. George Kariuki, i travelled from siaya to kikuyu, arrived at 10.00am on the 31st july 2011.

I have to state that the warm welcome i received from Mr. Charles Kihika and Ge6rge Kariuki was awesome, and i thank them wholeheartedly for their hospitality. Since it was my first time, we therefore managed to introduce ourselves officially.

my main aim for the visit were as follows
1. create collaboration and partnership with chester crabbit farm and other stakeholders that the farm is working with.
2. discuss the challenges that kerayi project and chester rabbit farm are facing and ways of combating such challenges.
3. learn from what what chester rabbit farm is doing and reciprocate the same to them.
4.discuss on the situation of thier market and ways of sustaining the market
5.create a larger network of rabbit farmers through the kerayi project.

i have to state that i managed to learn more than anticipated. Of much interest was the design of the chester rabbitry, which was well integrated in harnessing the rabbit urine and droppings, and being used both as pesticide and manure in Mr. kihika's green house.

It was yet another achievement through the meeting, that we managed to make an appointment and met Mr. D.K. Borter on the 1st of august , the key person in charge of rabbit sector under the ministry of livestock development. Much was discussed and network was created on that day.  I personally thank Mr. Borter for lending us an ear, and promising to work closely with us.

I also thank Mr. Kihika and Mr. Kariuki for the insurmountably information we shared and may God bless you in all your undertakings.

Mr. Otieno carrying a carlifornian white at chester rabbit farm
My parting short is to encourage all of us to work together to enable the rabbit industry prosper in the country.

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