Rabu, 24 April 2013


Get the rabbit habit
It is worth noting that many Kenyans are for a moment appreciating the rabbit business. As our motto suggests, "get the rabbit habit", it is a moment to reckon for the actual and would be producers, consumers, marketers and any other stakeholders in the value chain to fit in well.

Statistics show that the rabbit industry is the next big sector after the pig industry, which had for many years been neglected until recently.

Diminishing land availability, high prolific nature of rabbits, faster ROI, increasing lifestyle diseases, availability of better breeds, just to name a few are some of the key factors that are making enterprise rabbit farming be adopted by farmers. Access to research tools such as internet has also enabled easy access to information regarding the rabbit indutry.

"Many farmers are searching for relevant information such as breeds, market, housing, disease management etc, which is very much available through the Google search engine", says Joshua ankone, the IT manager at Kerayi Limited.

The new devolved government is therefore mandated to come up with policies and strategies to improve the enterprise in our counties. This would be new revenue stream for marginalized groups, unemployed youths and rural farmers in order to meet the demand at both national and international arena.

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