Senin, 22 April 2013


Yesterday's CITIZEN NEWS was a game changer in the rabbit sector when our TV screens read, "rabbit farming gradually gaining popularity in Kenya".

Moses Mutua of Rabbit Republic provided relevant information regarding the future of the rabbit industry in Kenya. It is worth noting to identify suc
h successful rabbit farmers who are not only introducing the rabbit meat in our dinning tables, but also encouraging other farmers to join in in order to meet the level of sustainability in terms of rabbit production.

The potentiality of rabbit farming is being taken seriously by many, and this would be the way to go to make Kenya among the major exporters and importers of rabbit meat in the East African region.

 With over 5 years experience in the rabbit industry, Moses Mutua has shown that there is high demand for rabbit meat which can only be met if farmers collaborate together to ensure that the industry becomes established in the near future.

Moses is going places, and farmers are encouraged to use the already existing information from other stakeholders to start engaging in enterprise rabbit farming.

Click here for a previous interview between Moses and CNC on the various research methodologies adopted by the founder of Rabbit Republic to popularize rabbit farming.

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