Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

Kenya’s Potential in the Production and Export of Rabbit Meat


  • On a national scale the consumption of rabbit meat should be promoted as a healthy way of living as a way of avoiding the lifestyle diseases associated with red meat (e.g. Gout, High Cholesterol, Heart disease etc.)
  • Establishment of a Rabbit Breeders Association in line with the Associations established in Ghana which led to the successful establishment of a rabbit meat industry in the country.
  • A market study to establish the number and current production capacity of rabbit breeders in the country.
  • Development of a database of rabbit breeders in the country
  • In depth study on the potential markets of rabbit meat globally including breeds in demand and market entry tariffs and non-tariff barriers.
  • In depth study on the potential markets of rabbit by products (e.g, fur) globally including breeds availability and demand.
  • Commercial Attachés accredited to various identified markets to do an in market survey on the market detailing contacts, import prices and consumption patterns in the various markets.

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