Rabu, 14 September 2011


Youth officials of the Kerayi-wagai Youth Group inthe Office
Hello once again, i hereby would wish to state that the KENYA RABBIT YOUTH INITIATIVE (KERAYI)  is making a positive progress from the successful launch of  the pilot project in Siaya County. I would therefore categorically state that the company is calling for more youths to engage in the commercial rabbit keeping. Kerayi rabbit Processing Ltd is the company of Choice in promoting rabbit meat consumption in the country. We are at the initial stages of creating an industry that will be sustainable through the direct purchase of rabbits from the youth farmers.
a member of kerayi-wagai youth group in his farm

We acknowledge that this enterprise can not be promoted by us alone,we are therefore working closely with different stakeholders to make sure that rabbit meat is a household commodity in our day to day welfare, since it is proven to be one of the most healthy meats ever known to mankind.

The current status of rabbit market is not well streamlined, but the company is on its toes to ensure that this is addressed within the next one year. Policy makers are working closely with us to make this a reality. We therefore call upon rabbit farmers to come together and enable the country be among the major consumers and exporters of rabbits and rabbit products in the African continent.

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