Jumat, 21 Juni 2013


Today was a blissful day for Hope Youth Group, having met with Kerayi officials to enable them have access to market for thier rabbits. They were selling their rabbit meat for the first time in Nairobi, having been connected to a local market within the CBD.

Hope youth group is local youth affiliated group based in Mbooni, Makueni County. Joseph Mbithi, the group leader, is a man to reckon, considering the great strides he has made in engaging 10 youths in the region to be part of his ambition, creating employment and wealth to the youths by engaging in entreprise rabbit farming.

"I started this project when I realised that most of of the youths in my village were engaging in criminal activities due to lack of job opportunities. Some of them even had lost hope in life, having dropped out of school either in primary and secondary levels, even turned out to be street urchins" says Joseph.

 Joseph talks of the challenges facing his group with regard to the rabbit sector. Market access, housing structures and access to extension services such as drugs and medicines and cultural beliefs that rabbits are meant for the little boys among others. " I work with youths who are under rehabilitation, it becomes a challenge to explain to them that there is no market when they need to see the fruits of their labour. My rabbits are attacked by disease, but due to lack of experts to diagnose the rabbits, most die".

 Kerayi project is a big step in the right direction with regard to rabbit production and consumption in Kenya,considering that it puts the youths at center stage. The objective is create long lasting relationships with like minded farmers like Joseph Mbithi to address the socio-economic challenges of the industry.

We encourage more people to be pioneers of this emerging industry. If you would like to support Hope Youth Group in Makueni County, kindly write to kerayicch@gmail.com or call 0773487921.

Get the rabbit habit!

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