Selasa, 17 April 2012

2012: How Many Pages Are There In the U.S. Tax Code Today?

How many pages does it take for the CCH Standard Tax Reporter to fully document the U.S. tax code as it stands in 2012?

If you answered 73,608, you're right. Note that we didn't say "you win"!...

Update 24 February 2013: For the answer for 2013, see here!

CCH 2012 Tax Law Keeps Piling Up

Believe it or not, that's within 1.3%, or 956 pages, of the number of pages that our tool below would predict that the CCH Standard Tax Reporter would be this year!

Year in Which to Estimate or Project Tax Code Complexity
Input Data Values

Number of Pages Required To Record U.S. Federal Tax Code
Calculated Results Values
Estimated Number of Pages

You might think that our tool being "off" by 956 pages is a bad thing that might depress us! But it's it's really a cause for celebration, especially when you consider real reason why the U.S. tax code isn't growing as much as our tool would predict: it's a direct benefit of having the laziest U.S. Senate perhaps ever in U.S. history!

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