Senin, 12 Desember 2011


Hello, i do hereby present some facts concerning the current surge in promoting rabbit meat in the country. Much has been happening in the past six months which should be worth noting:

1. In the month of May, the government in collaboration with other stakeholders launched a project dubbed "STRATEGIES TO PROMOTE THE RABBIT VALUE CHAIN IN KENYA". this project is under the Rabbit Development stakeholders forum,a consortium of key players in the rabbit sector.

2. On Nov 2nd to 4th, the Ministry of Livestock development trained some rabbit farmers from different parts of the country. The aim of the training was to impart skills on proper rabbit farming as an enterprise. The farmers were able to engage in practical work on slaughtering, skinning and even cooking rabbit meat.

3. Many meetings have taken place in line with providing informative sessions concerning the rabbit meat. In the month of November 12th, a meeting on Rabbit value addition was conducted. The meeting brought together an audience of more than 500 people trying to come up with strategies of adding value hence more products from rabbit meat. The meeting was organized by a company called Rabbits and Rabbit Products Ltd

Its main purpose was to come up with a national Sacco of rabbit farmers who would be be to address the needs of the rabbit market. To the effect, the Kenya Commercial Rabbit Council (KCRC) was launched on the very day.

5. In the month of October 29th, a meeting was held at St. Andrews cathedral, drawing audience from key personalities in the rabbit sector. The meeting was organized by Wazalendo Rabbit Network, which was being launched on the very day. It drew audience from all quarters.

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